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Alli Connect’s Powerful Matching Technology Platform Enables You To Connect With Your Ideal Clients

We’re on a mission to radically improve the mental health system for everyone. We’re doing this by focusing on the quality of the relationship. Because it’s not just about filling your practice…it’s about finding the right clients. Use Alli Connect’s intelligent matching technology platform to get the best possible referrals for your practice!

Intelligent Patient Matching

Alli Connect’s technology uses the science of the therapeutic alliance to match your ideal clients to you, creating a strong foundation of trust and readiness to begin therapy with you.

Take Control of Your Earnings & Impact

You became a therapist to help people and have an impact. And you deserve to be financially successful for the talent, expertise and valuable care you provide. Alli Connect empowers you to choose the clients you want to work with, based on the criteria that meets your practice and financial needs. Only accept the referrals that you want.

How Alli Connect is Different

Confronting life-altering situations and making split-second decisions are an everyday occurance. Their pivotal role in saving lives underscores the importance of prioritizing their mental well-being, ensuring they have the support and resources to navigate the emotional complexities of their profession.

Personalized referrals at no cost

Clients you select to work with

Strong therapeutic alliance from first contact

Multi State marketing with 1 profile

How it works ​

Step 1

Build a Profile

Showcase your uniqueness as a therapist, not just your  clinical skills but who you are, to attract your ideal clients. 

Let your personality and self of the therapist shine through

Highlight your unique value and clinical focus

Set clear expectations to align and attract the right clients

Specify your niche

Multi-state marketing

Step 2

Receive customized referrals

No more taking calls or emails from clients that aren’t the right fit for your practice. Pre-screen every new referral and accept only the ones you want.

We’ll provide you with valuable insights into the type of clients who are connecting with your profile

Highlight your unique value and clinical focus

Access the resource box with everything you need to start or grow your practice. From templates and forms, to tips about how to maximize profitability, it’s all in there

Focus on what’s important…doing great therapy​


Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding our products and services is important to us. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to provide you with quick answers and additional details about how we operate. If you don't see your question addressed here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team who will be happy to assist you further.are some

For therapists, Alli Connect is the best way to get referrals for new clients to your practice! We focus on connecting you with the clients who are the best fit for you specifically.

Alli Connect is founded and led by Colleen Hilton, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and former group practice owner. With personal lived experience as a LEO spouse and professional expertise in First Responder mental health and in building successful companies, she is passionate about using technology to provide personalized access to care with a focus on clinical fit. 

Alli Connect uses AI technology to match potential clients with therapists based on the science and research of the therapeutic alliance. Accept the referrals you want, and decline the ones who aren’t the right fit. 

No more missing client referrals because you didn’t answer the phone or email fast enough. AI matched clients are easier for you to convert to long-term clients because we put the relationship first!

Apply to be a part of our community quickly online by creating a profile. The Alli Connect team validates all providers, and you can start receiving referrals immediately! 

When a client wants to work with you, the Alli Connect technology will send you an email and a text to notify you. Click the link to log in and accept or decline the referral.

Great question! Alli Connect does not get involved in billing or dictate how you run your practice. We are focused on matching potential clients to the best fit provider and sharing the referral with you. The payment for services is arranged between you and the client privately. 

Alli Connect provides referrals from a wide range and variety of potential clients as we partner with many different types of employers. We have a dedication to First Responders and a passion for culturally competent care for all of our clients. 

There’s no charge to therapists to be a part of the Alli Connect community at this time. 

We want to help therapists build thriving practices, serving the clients they are passionate about helping, and help clients find the RIGHT therapist (not just any therapist). Our founder, an LMFT herself, is an advocate for change in the way corporations treat mental health providers!

Alli Connect is nationwide, covering all states across the United States.

Alli Connect is currently designed to support therapists as individuals. Unlike an advertising website like Psychology Today, we are matching potential clients with the right fit therapist (not just producing a list based on filters).

We will be working on a group practice functionality for administrators in 2025. 

Today, we’d love to have your therapists sign up to receive referrals, and you can add the same contact information for email and phone if you have a front desk employee you’d like all referrals to go to. 

At this time, Alli Connect welcomes independently licensed mental health professionals only. 

At this time, we do not allow interns or trainees to join. Providers need to be post-grad with their own license number.

Once your profile is verified by the Alli Connect team, you’ll start receiving referrals immediately. When a client wants to work with you, Alli Connect will send you an email and text asking you to login to accept or decline the client referral. Accept the clients who are a good fit for you, and decline the ones who aren’t. It’s that simple.

Each therapist needs a unique email address for the account, but you are free to use a modifier so that all requests go to the same email.

For example,
would both be routed to