Alli Connect

Mental Health Care Tailored For First Responders

Enhance officer wellness, improve retention, and mitigate behavioral health & PTSD-related disabilities with Alli Connect

Personalized Care, With Real Results and Tangible ROI

We are at the beginning of a shift in first responder mental health and wellness. Providing high quality care to your team is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a critical need today! Traditional solutions are failing because they are not specialized for first responders, have long wait times and poor outcomes, and deliver little visibility. Real ROI comes from high quality care that ensures first responders end their careers as healthy as they started.

Measurable Impact with Alli Connect That Saves Lives


more utilization than traditional EAP


success in matching with the right therapist


improved long-term treatment adherence


lives positively impacted

ROI That Is Clear and Measurable

By completely supporting each member of your team with Alli Connect, departments witness decreased risk and non-attendance, enhanced retention, a positive shift in culture, uplifted morale, sharper decision-making, and a sustained reduction in healthcare expenses


Percentage of first responders currently struggling with undiagnosed mental health concerns.


The annual financial loss associated with a single employee with an untreated mental health issue. ​​


Annual budget dollars saved by our partners in 2023 alone

The Alli Connect Difference​

Partnerships Anchored in Trust, Data, and Premier Care at Alli Connect

We know leaders care deeply about the mental health and wellness of their teams. Leaders are also struggling to manage increased healthcare costs, overtime, disability claims, increasing insurance premium and budget constraints.

Part Of Your Team

Alli Connect is an extension of your in-house program, to amplify the impact together. We will partner with peer support, chaplains, and behavioral health leaders every step of the way, from roll-out and implementation to program development...

Concierge Support

Our VIP concierge support, complementing our technology, ensures that every individual receives personalized and timely assistance. Human touch enhances user experience, and ensures that no one 'slips through the cracks'.


Open communication about data and utilization empowers our leader partners with transparent insights, enabling informed decision-making. Transparency fosters trust, ensuring that leaders are equipped with the knowledge to optimize resources and support their teams effectively.