Alli Connect

Setting the Standard
For First Responder
Mental Health

Alli Connect's technology creates a comprehensive platform for a robust and impactful agency wellness program, dynamically driven by proactive artificial intelligence.

The Alli Connect Difference​

Early Detection, Intervention & Proactive Mental Wellness

Offering customized technology solutions for mental health that reduce stigma, foster a positive cultural shift, and enhance resilience.

Data Informed Decisions

Leverage real-time data insights for improved retention and peer support effectiveness, while reducing department risk and eliminating suicide.

People-First Technology

Alli Connect's platform personalizes mental health and wellness for your employees, their families and your retiree community.

Exclusive Network

Advanced technology matches members in minutes to our vetted network of first responder mental health providers. Get a first appointment in just 1 week.

How It Works

The digital tools needed to be proactive in first responder wellness, and the data and insights required to lead with confidence. 

Real Results ​

Engaged employees are more effective and perform higher. Customized content for your department drives high engagement, with measurable results and ROI.

Evidence-Based Digital Tools

Clinically validated mental health tools empower employees to track and measure progress. 24/7 access to confidential self-assessments, training, education, department resources and matching with our network of vetted therapists.

Technology Elevating Wellness

Alli Connect technology is the single solution for all of your department wellness needs. Connect with Peer Support teams, Chaplains, internal resources, crisis helplines & AI matching with our nationwide network of first responder therapists in minutes.

Who We Serve

Alli Connect is on a mission to ensure EVERY First Responder ends their career as healthy as they started.

Law Enforcement​

Enhancing morale and executive decision-making, reducing use of force, and bolstering recruitment & retention. 

911 & Dispatch

Often left without resolution on calls, Alli Connect provides a lifeline to not just endure but excel in their crucial roles.

Fire & EMS​

Elevating morale and fostering resilience for those that frequently confront the weight of tragedy. 


Combat experiences often remain with service members long after active duty…sometimes for the rest of their lives. 


Confronting life-altering situations and making split-second decisions are an everyday challenge. 


With some of the highest suicide rates of any first responder, effective mental health care has never been more needed.

Proactive Technology for Transformational Change

Alli Connect is reshaping mental health and wellness for first responders

Delivering unparalleled support specifically for our heroes on the front lines, Alli Connect is reshaping mental health and wellness for first responders.


More Utilization than Other Platforms


Success in Connection to Care


Savings to our Partners in 2023

Trusted by Progressive Leaders in Public Safety

Alli Connect Joins Agencies for First Responder Mental Wellness & Our Lifesaving Mission

What People Are Saying...

“Alli Connect has been a game-changer four our peer support and wellness program. Now we can sit with a peer and identify topics they want to address. Alli helps to match that person with a counselor based  on needs and specialization. “

“As a mental health professional, I have seen firsthand the challenges  individuals face when seeking therapy. Now I can work with more clients I am passionate about helping.”

“I am happy to see this service come about. When I sought help , it was on my own and it was hard.  I am so glad this is being addressed for current generation of my brother and sister firefighters”

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Alli Connect

Proactive Mental Health & Wellness Tech for First Responders