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How It Works

A comprehensive program, tailored for first responders, ensuring they’re equipped with the tools and support needed to prioritize their mental health

Real Results ​

With Alli Connect every person gets the help they need, when they need it. Have confidence that your team members will feel better, return to work faster and stay engaged as employees.

A Personalized Approach

24/7 access to individualized care, from education and digital tools to personalized matching to the right therapist for your unique needs.​

Access for Everyone

Alli Connect is for your entire community; active members, families, and retirees — supporting every member of your first responder family, in every stage of life.

Law Enforcement

Officers face unique challenges in the field which can result in challenges in critical decision making, de-escalation and use of force. Alli Connect understands how modern policing can take a toll, and supports officers and their families in living whole, healthy lives.

Fire & Rescue

With increases in call volume and intensity, firefighters are exposed to more trauma than ever before. Get ahead of the crisis with proactive mental health care with Alli Connect.

Dispatch & 911

Mental health care for dispatchers is crucial as they consistently handle high volumes of calls, immersing themselves in the onset of each crisis without witnessing its resolution. This unique challenge amplifies the emotional toll, making tailored mental health support essential for their well-being and resilience.​

Military & Veterans

Combat experiences often remain with service members long after active duty, sometimes remaining for the rest of their lives. Culturally competent care is essential not only to reintegration into civilian life but also to address the enduring psychological toll of service.


Corrections officers and personnel face distinct challenges within the jail and prison system, often leading to unseen mental strains. With some of the highest suicide rates of any first responders, effective mental health care has never been more needed.​


Confronting life-altering situations and making split-second decisions are an everyday occurance. Their pivotal role in saving lives underscores the importance of prioritizing their mental well-being, ensuring they have the support and resources to navigate the emotional complexities of their profession.