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Alli Connect’s Powerful Matching Technology Platform Enables You To Connect With Your Ideal Clients

We’re on a mission to radically improve the mental health system for everyone. We’re doing this by focusing on the quality of the relationship. Because it’s not just about filling your practice…it’s about finding the right clients. Use Alli Connect’s intelligent matching technology platform to get the best possible referrals for your practice!

Intelligent Patient Matching

Alli Connect’s technology uses the science of the therapeutic alliance to match your ideal clients to you, creating a strong foundation of trust and readiness to begin therapy with you.

Take Control of Your Earnings & Impact

You became a therapist to help people and have an impact. And you deserve to be financially successful for the talent, expertise and valuable care you provide. Alli Connect empowers you to choose the clients you want to work with, based on the criteria that meets your practice and financial needs. Only accept the referrals that you want.

How Alli Connect is Different

Confronting life-altering situations and making split-second decisions are an everyday occurance. Their pivotal role in saving lives underscores the importance of prioritizing their mental well-being, ensuring they have the support and resources to navigate the emotional complexities of their profession.

Personalized referrals at no cost

Clients you select to work with

Strong therapeutic alliance from first contact

Multi State marketing with 1 profile

How it works ​

Step 1

Build a Profile

Showcase your uniqueness as a therapist, not just your  clinical skills but who you are, to attract your ideal clients. 

Let your personality and self of the therapist shine through

Highlight your unique value and clinical focus

Set clear expectations to align and attract the right clients

Specify your niche

Multi-state marketing

Step 2

Receive customized referrals

No more taking calls or emails from clients that aren’t the right fit for your practice. Pre-screen every new referral and accept only the ones you want.

We’ll provide you with valuable insights into the type of clients who are connecting with your profile

Highlight your unique value and clinical focus

Access the resource box with everything you need to start or grow your practice. From templates and forms, to tips about how to maximize profitability, it’s all in there

Focus on what’s important…doing great therapy​