Quality Care Requires a Personalized Approach​






Proactive Care

Foster Resilience And Empower Your Team

Offering customized solutions that reduce stigma, foster a positive cultural shift, and enhance resilience

Alli Platform

100% confidential, comprehensive behavioral health solution for your department. Access to our network of culturally competent therapists, digital mental health screening tools, education, resources and more.

Alli Detect​

The only near-term validated suicide risk assessment. Ensure the personal safety of your team by deploying Alli Detect to provide early detection and intervention; providing protection against first responder suicide. ​

Alli Consultants​

Partner with our mental health professional consultants on behavioral health and wellness program development, peer support training and all of your organizational mental health needs. ​

What We Offer

Unleashing Team Potential with Tailored Solutions

Personalized strategies for every community member

Find a Therapist

EAP Sessions


Resources & Referrals

Mental Health Screenings

Critical Incident Support

Suicide Risk Assessment

Peer Support Consulting

Program Development


Eliminate Stigma

Drive Cultural Change & Improve Morale

A proactive approach not only fosters a more open culture but also improves employee engagement, retention, motivation, and the quality of service provided to the community. Stop reacting to crisis and critical incidents. Start building resilience and connection within your department.


Culturally Competent​

It Takes a Specialized Therapist to Deliver the Right Care

Experience top-tier care tailored for first responders with therapists attuned to their distinct challenges. With Alli Connect's AI technology and deep understanding of clinical fit, find your ideal therapist seamlessly on your first try. Trust us to curate and uphold a provider network that stands by your team from day one through retirement.

Comprehensive Care​

Mental Health Care for Your Whole Community

The right resource, at the right time, delivers the best outcomes. And that means something different for everyone. We offer a holistic suite of services, from digital tools and educational resources to expert therapist matching and direct care EAP.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Empowering Departments with Data-Driven Behavioral Health Insights​

Robust data allows departments to identify mental health needs with precision, enabling the creation of proactive strategies tailored to those exact challenges. For the first time, departments can proactively address concerns before they escalate.