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At Alli Connect, we recognize the critical importance of supporting the mental well-being of first responders. Our mission aligns with the Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA), offering agencies like yours the opportunity to enhance wellness programs significantly. With the LEMHWA Grant deadline approaching in April, now is the perfect time to explore how Alli Connect can serve as the cornerstone for your application, driving impactful improvements in first responder mental health.


Alli Connect & LEMHWA: A Perfect Match

Offering customized solutions that reduce stigma, foster a positive cultural shift, and enhance resilience

Qualified Use of Funds

Alli Connect's comprehensive suite of mental health tools and services is an ideal use of LEMHWA funds. Our evidence-based approach, including early detection, intervention strategies, and connection to care, not only aligns with the grant's objectives but also amplifies the effectiveness of your agency's wellness initiatives.

Data-Driven Applications

Our initial Mental Health Assessment offers invaluable insights into the specific needs of your team. By integrating this assessment into your grant application, you provide a compelling, data-backed justification for funding, highlighting the urgency and necessity of proactive mental health care.

Evidence-Based Funding Applications

It's well-known that applications grounded in data and evidence-based approaches stand a higher chance of success. With Alli Connect, your application will demonstrate a clear, research-supported plan for utilizing the funds to make a measurable difference in the lives of first responders.

What We Offer

How We Support Your Grant Application Process

Alli Connect isn’t just about innovative mental health solutions; we’re also your partner in navigating the grant application process. Our team offers:

Maximizing Impact

Comprehensive Support

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Don't miss this opportunity to transform your agency's approach to mental health and wellness. With the LEMHWA Grant deadline fast approaching, now is the time to act. Contact Alli Connect for a consultation on how we can support your grant application process and leverage this funding opportunity to its fullest potential.