SaaS Revenue Leader Nathan Leatherwood Joins Alli Connect to Revolutionize First Responder Mental Healthcare

Alli Connect, a leading provider of mental health technology for first responders, is thrilled to announce the addition of Nathan Leatherwood as its new Head of Growth. With his extensive experience in the First Responder software space, Leatherwood is poised to drive unprecedented revenue growth for Alli Connect while ensuring healthier first responders in our communities.

Leatherwood brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at Alli Connect. With his previous experience as the Head of Growth at CivicEye, where he led all revenue generation strategies as part of the Founding Team 2.0, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by first responders. His consultative sales approach and expertise in building seamless customer experiences will be invaluable in revolutionizing how first responders receive mental health care.
“We envision a world where first responders end their careers as healthy as when they started. Nathan joins us at a pivotal time in our company’s growth. With his experience and passion, we are poised to exceed revenue expectations while providing unrivaled technology for first responder wellness.”  said Colleen Hilton, CEO @ Alli Connect
Alli Connect is revolutionizing the way first responders get matched to culturally competent therapists. Unlike traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), which are utilized less than 4% of the time, Alli Connect boasts an impressive user engagement rate of over 70%. This remarkable engagement is achieved through an easy-to-use interface and AI-matching of therapists based on user-defined criteria. Alli Connect guarantees a 100% success rate in finding the right therapist
The platform takes a proactive approach to mental health, emphasizing early detection and intervention with digital self-assessments and readily available resources. Additionally, Alli Connect implements Alli Detect’s suicide screener, designed for early detection and intervention, especially tailored for firefighters.
Our technology isn’t just about responding to crises. It’s about preventing them! As Head of Growth, I am dedicated to expanding this proactive approach to mental wellness. I’m excited to be a part of this transformative journey. said Nathan Leatherwood, Head of Growth @ Alli Connect

About Alli Connect:
Alli Connect is a leading provider of mental health technology for first responders. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the way first responders receive mental health care by offering targeted, culturally competent care and leveraging AI technology for personalized matching and proactive tools. Alli Connect’s comprehensive platform ensures rapid access to care, high engagement rates, and data-driven insights. The company is committed to making a substantial impact on the wellness of first responders while reducing stigma, improving recruitment and retention, and optimizing departmental productivity.
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