Alli Connect Welcomes Esteemed Public Safety Leaders as New Advisors to Accelerate Impact of Tactical Wellness Technology

Alli Connect Welcomes Esteemed Public Safety Leaders as New Advisors to Accelerate Impact of Tactical Wellness Technology

Alli Connect, a leading innovator in proactive mental health and wellness software solutions for first responders, proudly welcomes two distinguished public safety leaders to its advisory board. Clay Winn and Sean Smoot, both renowned for their extensive experience and influential roles within the public safety industry, have joined the board to further Alli Connect’s mission of supporting the mental health and wellness of first responders. With their deep roots in public safety, as well as their expertise in legislation and startups related to the industry, Winn and Smoot will provide invaluable guidance to Alli Connect’s efforts in promoting the well-being of those who serve on the front lines.
Clay Winn, the General Manager of Strategic Relations at Axon, the global leader in public safety technology, brings to Alli Connect over 20 years of industry experience. Winn is a public safety pioneer of solutions that protect and empower first responders. His leadership in developing cutting-edge technologies and his strategic vision for integrating these solutions into the daily lives of those on the front lines of public safety have marked him as a key player in the field.
Winn emphasized the unique vision behind Alli Connect, “I was immediately drawn to Alli Connect’s mission upon meeting Colleen Hilton. Her profound understanding of the issues facing first responders, combined with a clear vision for change, made it clear to me that this is where I can make a significant impact.”
Sean Smoot, a respected figure in public safety policy and advocacy, has spent decades championing the wellbeing of first responders at both the legislative and grassroots levels. His work in shaping policy, enhancing labor relations, and promoting wellness initiatives has had a profound impact on the public safety community and make him an invaluable asset to Alli Connect.

“I am very honored and excited to be part of the Alli Connect team. Repeated trauma exposure and critical incidents have a significant impact on first responders, their colleagues and families. Having witnessed the real effect up close and personal over the past thirty years I can’t think of any mission more important to advance first responder safety and community safety overall.” Sean Smoot

“We are thrilled to welcome Clay and Sean to our team,” said Hilton, CEO at Alli Connect. “Their exceptional backgrounds and commitment to public safety will be crucial in our journey to transform mental health support for first responders. With their guidance, we are poised to accelerate the impact of our groundbreaking solutions, ensuring first responders have the support they need to thrive both on and off duty.”

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