Proactive, Personalize Mental Health Solutions

Empowering First Responders Through Innovation

Alli Platform

The Alli Platform is an all-in-one wellness app designed to be the foundation of your organization’s mental health program. It offers a suite of tools for ongoing mental health management, integrating assessments, education, and support resources. 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant.

  • Enhances accessibility to mental health resources.
  • Encourages proactive engagement in mental health maintenance.
  • Improves departmental morale and culture through continuous wellness support.

Alli Wellness Check

Alli Wellness Check is a comprehensive digital health assessment tool designed to provide routine mental health checkups and compliance monitoring. This tool integrates industry-leading psychological screenings to detect early signs of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, burnout, PTSD, sleep disturbances, and substance use.

  • Enables early intervention and proactive care.
  • Provides actionable data to support departmental wellness initiatives.


Alli Network

Alli Network connects first responders with a robust network of culturally competent, vetted therapists. Our AI-based technology matches individuals with therapists based on a range of personalized factors, ensuring the best clinical fit and effective care.

  • 1000x larger than your EAP network
  • Increases the likelihood of successful therapeutic outcomes.
  • Reduces time to access appropriate mental health support.
  • Enhances satisfaction and continuity of care.
Alli Connect App on iPhone

Alli Link

Alli Link facilitates the management of peer support teams and ensures that no one in your organization “slips through the cracks.” It provides tools for tracking engagement, managing workflows, and supporting resilience-building activities.

  • Strengthens peer support efforts.
  • Ensures timely and effective support.
  • Fosters a connected and resilient team environment.

What People Are Saying...

“Alli Connect has been a game-changer four our peer support and wellness program. Now we can sit with a peer and identify topics they want to address. Alli helps to match that person with a counselor based  on needs and specialization. “

“As a mental health professional, I have seen firsthand the challenges  individuals face when seeking therapy. Now I can work with more clients I am passionate about helping.”

“I am happy to see this service come about. When I sought help , it was on my own and it was hard.  I am so glad this is being addressed for current generation of my brother and sister firefighters”