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First Responder Mental Health

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We are proud to offer solutions that go beyond conventional approaches, focusing on preventative measures and proactive strategies.

Cutting-Edge Technology

☑ AI-Powered Therapist Matching

Ensure your users are paired with the right therapist.

☑ Real-Time Health Assessments

Evidence based digital self-assessments designed for early detection and intervention.

☑ 24/7 Access to Resources

Support is always at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by Progressive Leaders in Public Safety

Alli Connect Joins Agencies for First Responder Mental Wellness & Our Lifesaving Mission


Los Angeles times

Leverage real-time data insights for improved retention and peer support effectiveness, while reducing department risk and eliminating suicide.


San Francisco times

Alli Connect's platform personalizes mental health and wellness for your employees, their families and your retiree community.


Washington times

Advanced technology matches members in minutes to our vetted network of first responder mental health providers. Get a first appointment in just 1 week.

Alli Connect

Proactive Mental Health & Wellness Tech for First Responders