Just What Are Bail Bonds Used For?

The court process can be frustrating and scary for those who are involved in it, but a little bit of research on Bail Bondsman website goes a long way towards understanding exactly how every step of the process works. Bail bonds are often part of that process for most people who are caught in the system and have bailed as an option as opposed to many great felony cases like for murder where bail is often denied.

So What Is Bail
Bail is the process of getting temporary and restricted freedom pending the outcome of a case in exchange for a financial escrow. This financial setup takes place by having a bail bond agency agree to provide bond for a defendant. The cost is 10% of the total bail and the defendant must contractually promise to pay that amount back.

The bond company is on the hook for the full bail amount if the defendant refuses to show up. This is what leads to the bounty hunter business. This is called a bond of surety. The fee that the defendant pays is non-refundable as that is how bail bondsman make their profits.

However, this is a way for a defendant to be out of jail with limited freedoms before their trial. Aside from agreement to show up during the court date, the individuals will have other restrictions like not leaving the state, and often not leaving the general town/city area. There may be others depending on the individual situation, as well. This can vary based on the case, the crime, the defendant, and the bond company being used.

Understanding the basics of how bail bonds work still allows for the one opportunity for freedom that many have while going to trial, and that alone is worth the research.