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Looking To Lower Cholesterol?

5c25f829bb4020c85b6eac25997938d5In the global marketplace for foodstuffs, many new options are emerging every day that enable people to have more options at the grocery store. Whatever dietary needs an eater may have, it is almost certain that the average small grocery store can provide for them, while a veritable supermarket will absolutely dazzle them with the wide range of options available every day. One particular need of many people is the need to lower their cholesterol. While a number of medications and exercise programs have in fact managed to help people lower their cholesterol levels, it is also advisable to eat more foods that lower cholesterol.

Whole grains are a staple of lowering cholesterol. While people with allergies to gluten may not find these foods palpable due to their allergies, people who are not allergic to gluten will likely wish to consume as many whole grains as possible. Switching from refined grains to solely whole grains is a good idea for anybody who wishes to lower their cholesterol. Of particular note is the breakfast staple of oatmeal. In addition to providing a sizable amount of fiber (which is an important element of lowering cholesterol in many people), many types of oatmeal often contain surprising amounts of protein for energy, as well as being fairly flavorful with the right additives.

Also of note are the simple food of berries, which tend to go quite well with oatmeal. Blueberries in particular are good for lowering bad cholesterol as they contain specific acids that help purge bad cholesterol. However, nearly any kind of widely available berry will do. If berries are in season in your area, it can be helpful for your cholesterol to stock up on these fleshy fruits and add them to a wide range of sweet dishes, particularly during the breakfast meal.